Restaurant Closed

Prairie Cottage Perogies is closed and we are moving towards production and looking towards distributing the product across the lower mainland. Very exciting!!

Prairie Cottage Perogie products may be picked up right next door at Dickison’s Meats and Deli. Cooked cabbage rolls, both Borsch and perogies are offered. If there is something they don’t have just let them know your Prairie Cottage favorite and I am sure they will bring it in.

Prairie Cottage Perogies Products are also offered at:

Heritage Meats (Langley) Perogies only

Superior Fish Market (Ladner)

Dickison’s Meats & Deli (Langley)

Prairie Cottage Perogies (Vancouver) 604 253-1101   Hours 11-7 Sunday-Thursday    9:30-7:00 Friday-Saturday