Ukrainian Traditions

Many Ukrainian traditions revolved around food, both the creation and consumption. Below we’ve explained some of our favorite Ukrainian traditions and the foods commonly associated with them.


Pysanky Motifs

Geometric Motifs Geometric motifs are the oldest and most widely used form of decoration. Examples of these are triangles, ribbons or belts, stars, crosses, and circles. Dots are frequently used and may be small or large. These are at time scattered over the entire field of the design to suggest stars or many also represent… Read more »

Pysanky (Easter Eggs)

The egg, symbolizing the rebirth of nature, is known to have been used in the early pre-Christian ceremonies during the celebration of the spring festival. With the advent of Christianity this symbolism was interpreted to mean man’s rebirth. The egg was thus given a new meaning and was incorporated into the celebration of the Resurrection… Read more »

Ukrainian Easter

Easter Egg Tradition and History Easter, the most glorious and radiant event in all history, commemorates the resurrection of Christ. With the ringing of the church bells at midnight on Saturday, the joyful Easter Matins begin. the triumphant resurrection service begins with procession around the church. Temporarily, the darkened church is emptied and the doors… Read more »

Traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper

Twelve different and special dishes are traditional for this meal which begins only after the first star of the evening appears. The twelve dishes are to remind us of the twelve Apostles. After a day of fasting, in remembrance of the hardships that Mary endured as she and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem, preparations of a… Read more »

Greetings – Bread & Salt

Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of the world. its rich humus soil produced grain in great abundance. From the respected staple of life, wheat, Ukrainian homemakers developed a variety of artistic looking breads. Ukrainians regard bread as one of the holiest of all foods. The importance of salt is reflected in Christ’s words. “You… Read more »

Korovai (Wedding Bread)

For Wedding celebrations, a large circular sweet bread, considered holy, is the most significant of all wedding breads. It is heavily decorated with symbolic ornaments shaped as pinecones (symbolizing fertility), doves, geese, or other symbols of peace, love, and faithfulness. After it is baked, it is then decorated with green periwinkle leaves. Folklore says the… Read more »